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Multi SkillZ Basket: innovate your training!

Basketball club Amon Youth Gentson

Multi SkillZ has had a great influence on my further development as an experienced youth trainer with -12-year-olds. After obtaining all possible trainer diplomas in Flanders, I was a bit hungry to further develop myself as a youth trainer (mostly -12-year-olds). Multi SkillZ for Basket gives me a lot of inspiration with every training to make players/players fitter, more skillful, more agile, faster and smarter in a pleasant way. I integrate the approach and exercise material in every training, my training preparations are done with the app as standard. The warm-ups became skilling-ups and the standard basketball drills were placed in a more dynamic context, also in my instructions and feedback I'm going to emphasize external focus.

I noticed in each team in the short term a positive evolution and progression in the players and more fun with training. I am very satisfied and also notice high enthusiasm among players. Playful, challenging, a lot of interaction and variation in each exercise and game form. There was a very motivated player in quarantine for 2 weeks and during his first training afterwards, he said to me "wow the others have improved a lot, I'm going to have to do my best" 😄

Lisa Van Ranst - Coach Amon Youth Gentson U12A

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What is it?

Basketball requires team tactics, highly developed physical characteristics and extensive individual skills. 

Multi SkillZ for Basket is aimed at sustainable player development with an innovative approach from the ground up. Customized progression for 
5-6, 6-8, 8-10 & 10-12 year olds. Multi SkillZ for Basket inspires!

Innovate your youth trainings with Multi SkillZ for Basket and make faster progress with your players

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