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British Tennis Federation (LTA)

Development partner Multi SkillZ Tennis

  • Motor skills for tennis
  • Tennis specific skills
  • E-learning tennis coaches

Belgium Football (VV Flanders VV & ACFF Wallonia)

Development partner Multi SkillZ Foot

  • Motor skills for football
  • E-learning football coaches
  • Coach Ed: E-Learning & Training

Belgium Hockey (VHL Flanders & LFH Wallonia)

Development Partner Multi SkillZ Hockey

  • New technical pathway
  • Motor skills for hockey
  • Coach Ed: E-Learning & Training

Basketball Flanders

Development Partner Multi SkillZ Basket

  • Motor skills for basketball
  • Basket skill-training at home
  • Coach Ed: E-Learning & Training

Gymnastics Federation Flanders (Gymfed)

Development Partner Multi SkillZ Gym

  • Motor skills for gymnastics
  • Educational whiteboards
  • Multi SkillZ Coach Ed training


Development partner Multi SkillZ Academy

  • Motor skill development
  • E-learning Academy coaches
  • Support tools Academies

Flemish Swimming Federation (Zwemfed)

Development Partner Multi SkillZ Swim

  • Motor skills for swimming


Coming soon

Coach2Competence (C2C)

Developer Multi SkillZ

  • Exercise programs
  • Training coaches
  • Academy support

Sport Flanders

Support Flemish federations in projects Multi SkillZ

  • Exercise material
  • Training coaches
  • Academy support 

Swedish Tennis Association

Multi SkillZ programme Swedish Tennis Clubs

  • Tennis development pathway 12&under
  • Multi SkillZ Academy support
  • Multi SkillZ Coach & Tutor training
  • Multi SkillZ online support

Association of French-speaking football clubs

Multi SkillZ support Walloon Football Clubs

  • Multi SkillZ Coach E-learning & training
  • Multi SkillZ Foot online support

Equipment partner Multi SkillZ

  • Multi SkillZ ToolZ
  • Multi SkillZ Clothing

Basketball Nederland (NBB)

Multi SkillZ support Dutch basketball clubs

  • NBB branded platform (web & app)
  • Multi SkillZ Basket online support
  • Multi SkillZ Coach E-learning
LTA - Tennis for Britain

It’s been a pleasure working with Kenneth. The energy, enthusiasm and passion is inspiring and the quality he has brought to the LTA Youth programme is clear to see. Brilliant, so much gold coaches have taken away!

Sam Richardson

With a strong vision and a clear plan of approach of C2C we gave shape to Multi SkillZ for Gym together. The collaboration with C2C as an external partner was very enriching for our federation. On the one hand we arrived at a very nice end product that is a good mix between the knowledge and experience of Multi SkillZ and Gymfed, on the other hand we gained a lot of new insights that can help us as a federation in rolling out the project.

Our trainers are enthusiastic about Multi SkillZ for Gym because it combines playing and learning so that motor skills and basic gymnastics skills can develop in a fun and effective way. This makes gymnastics even more fun and stimulates creativity and innovation at every level in the gymnasium.

Lore Marguillier - Sports technical coordinator recreation, trainers trainings & projects
Basketball Flanders

We notice from the reactions of youth coaches and the increasing sales of access codes that clubs and coaches are satisfied! Multi SkillZ for Basket is especially innovative in our trainer support in different areas: the digital learning customized for coaches and players/players & the innovative approach of exercise material, games and coaching. The exercises and games were developed in a team with a clear vision and objectives based on the Multi SkillZ for Basket philosophy but also on the basis of the basketball learning trajectory.

By seeing the added value of Multi SkillZ for Basket for our youth trainers, we are extra motivated in the cooperation with Multi SkillZ. Together we still have a lot of ideas on how to further grow the project, such as making E-learning videos for Initiator course & workshops, and integration in our trainer courses. The experiences and input of Kenneth and Line are of enormous added value here, without them we would never have been able to realize this.
Also in Corona times we continued to think and act together creatively and innovatively.

Lisa Van Ranst - Project coordinator sports & events

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