Frequently asked questions


Where can I register for Multi SkillZ?

Registration is done directly at a Multi SkillZ Academy at the location near you. Each Academy has its own range of lessons and camps. Via our Academy finder you can find all locations and you can surf to the website of the Academy of your preference to consult the specific offer.

Log in

I received a code, but I can't log in, what's wrong?

Enter your code on our Code Page. Don't you have an account yet? You will be asked to register first. Do this with your personal e-mail address and password of your choice. The received code is not a password. When copying/pasting the code make sure that no invisible spaces are pasted, in this case the code will not work. If the code is not valid or already in use, you will get an error message. Then please send an e-mail to so we can help you further. 

Access to my program has been closed, how is this possible?

Each access to a platform is valid for a certain period of time. A membership is by default 1 year or adjusted if you have gained access with a code. After the expiration date, your access may expire or be automatically renewed. 


I organize camps and wish to offer Multi SkillZ at different locations, is there an adapted payment plan for me?

Yes, please contact us for a variable payment plan based on children's reach and not locations.

I have a membership on a training program, do I also have a Multi SkillZ License?

No, a membership is not a license and therefore does not give any rights to offer the Multi SkillZ brand or to use the branding. More info about membership and license..

PO points KNLTB

How are my PO points for Multi SkillZ DrillZ awarded?

You don't have to do anything yourself, this happens automatically for you. After registering for the membership the KNLTB will receive your data (be sure to fill in your union number on your account). Once processed, your PO points will be awarded. There is no need to take a test, this is a user module with exercise & tutorials to innovate your trainings.