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Added value for your organization

Your trainers are visually & superbly practically supported
Each trainer learns at his/her own pace & where he/she wants
Higher efficiency: quality approach immediately in practice

Reach multiple target groups

Your trainers are visually superbly practically supported
Each trainer learns at his/her own pace & where he/she wants
Higher efficiency: quality approach immediately in practice

Structured online video database & App

Differentiation customized for child by variations & progressions
Organization exercise material according to age/competency & learning trajectory
Quickly search by content, level, material & organization

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Quick advantage on different areas of operation
User-friendly & clear multimedia platform
Time gain & less workload for employees

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For every organization that believes in skills for sports & the well-being of its children & puts employees first:

  • From sports federation to sports club
  • From tennis school to football school
  • From small to large sports companies
  • From small to large trainer teams
  • From recreational to competitive guidance

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Basketball Flanders

We notice that the youth coaches are very satisfied!

There was little exercise material and games for -12-year-olds online beforehand, as well as the majority of existing books and bundles of exercise material and games are outdated. Multi SkillZ for Basket is innovative in several areas, such as the customized digital learning of the coaches and players: The platform and app allow our youth coaches to watch videos with exercise material, games and coaching tips anytime and anywhere. Coaches can look for exercise material and game forms for the team when preparing for their training sessions. There are always 4 progressions available so that there is an offer for all levels (beginners to talents).

Also the  approach of exercise material, games and coaching is innovative: the exercise material and games were developed in a team with a clear vision and goals, based on the Multi SkillZ for Basketball philosophy but also on the basis of the learning line basketball. Each video contains a lot of inspiration, ready-made exercise material and practical tips for youth coaches that they can continue with for years, even for youth players +12 years, using variations and differentiations. The goal is to make youth players fitter, more skillful, agile, faster and smarter without organizing extra training moments or buying expensive sports equipment.

Lisa Van Ranst - Project coordinator sports & events

With a strong vision and a clear plan of approach of C2C we gave shape to Multi SkillZ for Gym together. The collaboration with C2C as an external partner was very enriching for our federation. On the one hand we arrived at a very nice end product that is a good mix between the knowledge and experience of Multi SkillZ and Gymfed, on the other hand we gained a lot of new insights that can help us as a federation in rolling out the project.

Our trainers are enthusiastic about Multi SkillZ for Gym because it combines playing and learning so that motor skills and basic gymnastics skills can develop in a fun and effective way. This makes gymnastics even more fun and stimulates creativity and innovation at every level in the gymnasium.

Lore Marguillier - Sports technical coordinator recreation, trainers trainings & projects

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