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School Andromeda Deurne

I recommend a membership to every sports instructor. You get a lot of practice material and video material as support. This exercise material is so broad and well-founded that I would recommend it to any teacher. I took all my LO-colleagues of Deurne to a refresher course and they were also full of praise. One colleague even said: They should offer Multi SkillZ in all elementary school all over Belgium!

Manu Verheyen - Exercise Education teacher, football coach KFC Nijlen & Multi SkillZ Coach
Academy Klein-Brabant

Growth, growth and more growth! Multi SkillZ has brought me a lot of insight into the motor functioning and evolution of children and how and why this is the basis for all sports. Multi SkillZ has taught me how to make children enthusiastic, even about movements or drills that are not so obvious or that require effort. It has taught me even more how to think from the child's point of view and how you can teach them to get more out of themselves. It has also made me a lot more creative.  it makes me push my own limits every time.

Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach

Stronger skillers in sports through better coaching

E-learning & Webinars

  • Always and everywhere learning at your own pace 
  • E-Module exclusively for license holders


  • Unique trainings on motor development
  • New insights & a lot of exercise material in practice

Expert coaching at Skills & Games

  • Image notes for more focused coaching in SkillZ videos
  • Learn from practice tips & coaching advice in images
Activate your potential

Let yourself be inspired, invest in yourself

Experience the added value for your sports training or lessons:

  • More impact, more learning, more effectiveness
  • Powerful tools & insights for innovation of your teaching practice
  • A lot of creative exercise material with little material 

Improve your competencies in training motor skills!

Boost your teaching: become a certified Multi SkillZ Coach in a Multi SkillZ Academy

Option 1

Online Certification

  • Multi SkillZ Academy E-learning module
  • Only possible for active coaches in recognized Multi SkillZ Academy (= you teach at a licensee or are a licensee yourself)

Module only available for licensees & their coaches

Option 2

Workshop Certification

  • Workshop 1.0, 2.0 & Bootcamp (see pdf trajectory below)
  • Only possible for active coaches in recognized Multi SkillZ Academy (= you teach at a licensee or are a licensee yourself)

Scheduled workshops can be found in the training agenda*

*Training agenda workshops

Due to corona there are currently no workshops. Stay informed about new trainings:

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