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Multi SkillZ TotZ

Root SkillZ: grow strong psycho-motor basic skills 4-6j

Multi SkillZ DrillZ

Root SkillZ: grow strong psycho-motor basic skills 5-12y

Multi SkillZ Foot

Grow soccer-oriented psycho-motor skills

Multi SkillZ Tennis

Grow specific tennis skills & techniques and tennis-oriented psycho-motor skills

Multi SkillZ Hockey

Grow hockey-oriented psycho-motor skills

Multi SkillZ Basket

Grow specific basketball skills & techniques and basketball-oriented psycho-motor skills

Multi SkillZ Gym

Grow gymnastic-oriented psycho-motor skills

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Basket skill drills to practice at home or in the field (5-12y)


Improve your skills through versatile practice

Our SkillZ programs are online video databases with exercise material and coaching.
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