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Tennis parent (United Kingdom)

Multi SkillZ for me as a parent is the best thing that has happened for my kids progression into sport. Not only are all the exercises incredibly enjoyable for my 8 and 6 year old, but their skill level has increased so much since starting Multi SkillZ that they are becoming skilled athletes with an awareness of how to adapt to any given situation. Both myself (sport mad Dad) and their tennis coach (Emma) have loved using the exercises and seeing their rapid development! My 8 year old is already hitting passing shots that make me stretch, which is unbelievable considering the stage she was at with her tennis just 18 months ago.

I cannot recommend Multi SkillZ enough as both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and ability that our kids have shown since starting Multi SkillZ. We owe a huge thank you to the team and please do keep up the good work. It is a game changer in the sporting ability and personality of these little youngsters.

Ral Gilmour - Dad of Jack & Ava

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What is it?

Tennis is an 'open-skilled' sport and requires great adaptability at all levels. In Kids TENNIS (4-8 yr) you grow the versatile basis needed to quickly get to play, a big challenge for young children. Kids TENNIS is an answer to the psychomotor decline that coaches experience in young children: the sport-specific training is combined with a qualitative psychomotor training directed to tennis.

Throughout the program you will learn the anchor points for a sustainable development in tennis. All skills that are practiced in Blue & Red are also core skills that are necessary to play better on the big court at a later stage. This increases every child's chances of reaching his or her potential as a tennis player. The technical learning points in this program also apply to every level after Red (Orange, Green & Yellow) and are continued in Youth TENNIS (8-12+ yr).

The C2C TENNIS programs are progressively tailored to the child with the aim of building strong, versatile skilled players. Each learning situation is designed to motivate the children in their own progress.

Get started with Kids TENNIS:

  • +132 creative exercises & games for tennis players Blue (4-6yr)
  • +133 creative exercises & games for tennis players Red (6-8yr)
  • +97 creative exercices & games for tennis players Red Performance Tennis (6-8yr)
  • Game based approach applied in practice via innovative Multi SkillZ® method
  • Specific technical & motor training: Warm up, Body & Ball, Racket & Ball, Game Play
  • Find easily what you're looking for in progressive lesson weeks, including match week
  • Learn through expert coaching on every video

Program developed by Multi SkillZ, Coach2Competence & LTA

Our SkillZ programs are online video databases with exercise material and coaching.
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