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Sports demand multiple skills: develop children in a versatile way

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Magic method

Developed with passion for sport

Despite the fact that children start in sports earlier, their motor skills are deteriorating. A traditional approach does not offer the best solution for the child, nor the trainer. 

Multi SkillZ is the effective method to form psychomotor and sports-specific skills for sports. The unique exercise material & specific coaching approach provide for faster & more effective learning:

  • Sturdy learning environment
  • Effective learning strategies
  • Game based approach
  • Skill based development

Not technique, but skills are the basis. All programs are progressively built with a well thought out learning trajectory.

Do you want to do the right things at the right time & form young sporters in a sustainable way? Then choose for Multi SkillZ!

Basketball Flanders

We notice that the youth coaches are very satisfied!

There was little exercise material and games for -12-year-olds online beforehand, as well as the majority of existing books and bundles of exercise material and games are outdated. Multi SkillZ for Basket is innovative in several areas, such as the customized digital learning of the coaches and players: The platform and app allow our youth coaches to watch videos with exercise material, games and coaching tips anytime and anywhere. Coaches can look for exercise material and game forms for the team when preparing for their training sessions. There are always 4 progressions available so that there is an offer for all levels (beginners to talents).

Also the  approach of exercise material, games and coaching is innovative: the exercise material and games were developed in a team with a clear vision and goals, based on the Multi SkillZ for Basketball philosophy but also on the basis of the learning line basketball. Each video contains a lot of inspiration, ready-made exercise material and practical tips for youth coaches that they can continue with for years, even for youth players +12 years, using variations and differentiations. The goal is to make youth players fitter, more skillful, agile, faster and smarter without organizing extra training moments or buying expensive sports equipment.

Lisa Van Ranst - Project coordinator sports & events
Academy Klein-Brabant

Growth, growth and more growth! Multi SkillZ has brought me a lot of insight into the motor functioning and evolution of children and how and why this is the basis for all sports. Multi SkillZ has taught me how to make children enthusiastic, even about movements or drills that are not so obvious or that require effort. It has taught me even more how to think from the child's point of view and how you can teach them to get more out of themselves. It has also made me a lot more creative.  it makes me push my own limits every time.

Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach

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Physical education teacher

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sustainable formation

Learning trajectory youth development in sports

Progressive development:

  1. ROOT SKILLZ: versatile psycho-motor basis for sport
  2. ORIENTED SKILLZ: missing link between general motor & sport-specific
  3. SPORT SKILLZ: innovation of the technical sports-specific training
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