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E-learning for coaches

  • Unique knowledge directly accessible
  • Exclusive E-learning for Academy
  • Practical training lessons & camps
  • Getting new coaches up and running fast

Exercise material lessons & camps

  • +1,500 skills & games
  • All Multi SkillZ®: DrillZ, Young Kids & SeriesZ*
  • 5 Sports (Foot-Tennis-Basketball-Gym or Hockey) 
  • Exercise material exclusive for Academy

Management support

  • Branding: logos, mascot, banners,...
  • Media: promo video Kim Clijsters, photos,...
  • Communication: texts, templates, ppts,...
  • Lesson preparations, camp playbook
  • Business plan & checklists

Recognized provider

  • License use of registered trademark
  • Profiling as Multi SkillZ® Academy & Coach
  • Visibility in Academy location finder
  • Competitive advantage & brand protection

Member Academy network

  • Participation in internal Academy trainings
  • Join Facebook Group Academy Coaches
  • Exchange good practices Academies
  • Continue building together on Multi SkillZ

Permanent support

  • Access to Academy support desk
  • In contact with skill experts
  • Support with an eye for your success
  • Open & reliable communication


Sport Service City of Ghent

We find the offer especially valuable as we offer Multimove to children aged 3-5 years. The Multi SkillZ offer provides a nice follow-up. From the age of 6, many children join a sports club and choose a specific sport, but a wide range of sports where mainly movement skills are discussed did not yet exist. Our Multi SkillZ camps are always fully booked. Furthermore, we are very much fans of the Family Academy, where child and parent come together to play sports and start thinking together about solutions while exercising


We recommend other sports services to organize Multi SkillZ because it offers a wide & variety of sports for children, without having to specifically choose a sport. Family is a unique offer, with us also accessible to g-sporters.

Maaike Garré - Consultant Activities
Academy Waasland

With Multi SkillZ my kids learn more, they grow better in their sport. For my Academy I get very good support for me & my coaches, nowhere do I find such a well-developed platform.

Nick Maes - Head Coach & Operator
Academy Klein-Brabant

I didn't have long to doubt the choice for a license at Multi SkillZ. I could immediately estimate that Multi SkillZ, which was the 'missing link' in children's sports education, was something that would appeal to many children and would benefit them for the rest of their lives. Not only on a sports and social level, but also in the whole development of their personality.  You make children stand strong in their shoes and in life. What better gift can you give a child?
A dream for a coach who wants to make a difference.

The whole approach is very unique, the quality is undeniable and the support is unseen. Kenneth and Line and other Multi SkillZ coaches are always ready to help you with tips, to get in touch with people, etc.... It has made me grow a lot as a person and coach. One of the best decisions in my life.


Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach
Academy Kinoptima

We were op looking for a concept to let children multisport or especially move with lots variation. Forward, backward, turn, crawl, jump, roll, ... moving in all directions that was what first appealed to us in Multi SkillZ.

From the perspective of physical therapy, we see a lot of children with overuse injuries because they start exercising very one-sidedly from a young age. That's such a pity because the more variation in movement, the stronger your body for the future.

Multi SkillZ combines this aspect with a wide range of motor skills  and learning processes that can come in handy in any sport.  Also the focus on positive coaching, fun and cooperation are self-evident for us but oh so important to be emphasized!

That total concept makes Multi SkillZ ideal as a sports offer for young sporters, but also for adults there is a lot to learn from it.

Helen Koch - physiotherapist and coach
license fee

Formulas for full Academy Support

Immediate access to all Academy support 24/7

  • Formula 1: Small sports club & School
  • Formula 2: Small private organization or independent entity
  • Formula 3: City/Municipality & large sports club or independent entity
  • Formula 4: City (>70.000 inhabitants) & professional club

Formula 1 

Formula 2 

Formula 3 

Formula 4 

One-time start-up cost  € 299  € 399  € 499 € 599
Monthly fee*  € 39.99  € 69.99  € 89.99 € 129.99

Coaches Logins
skills programs

up to 2

up to 6

up to 15

up to 30

* Fee for 1 location, annual billing possible, starting period min. 24 months.

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Multi SkillZ® & 1 extra sports program instead of 3?
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Who are our licensees?

Sport club

More quality & value for members
Upgrade trainings or additional offers
Inspiration, support & formation of trainers

Municipality or city

Unique versatile offer for children (& parents)
Continuation of motor formation Multimove 
Strong sports camps/classes with skills for life 
Direct support sports guides

Personal trainer or physiotherapist

Input guidance specific target groups
Separate offer or quality injection training
Inexhaustible source of inspiration unique exercise material


More active learning time for students
Implementation in lessons or after-school sports
Inspiration, support & formation of teacher

Private organization

Distinctive added value for customers
Upgrade exercise sessions or additional offers
Support for management & coaches team
Successful entrepreneurship with total concept

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