Versatile skilling is the basis

Skills for Sports & Life

The all-in-one sports formula. Does your child sport recreationally or competitively, or doesn't it practice sport? Multi SkillZ is the way to let your child grow in sports.

With Multi SkillZ no one is on the sidelines

Not the sport, but your child is at the center

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Active learning:
play, sports & practice
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social, emotional & health
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Customized skilling:
progress at your own pace
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Multi SkillZ Spirit:
strong in life
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One sport is not enough. Learn versatile with Multi SkillZ!

Just like your child follows different subjects at school, it is necessary that your child also learns versatile in sports.
Do not drill unilaterally, but rather do Multi Skilling!

Academy Multi SkillZ United

Besides the motoric also the correct mindset is taught: positivity, perseverance and a better self-image are just a few examples. Children do not do something 'wrong' but 'different'. The right choice of words is crucial here. For example: Peter I see that you do this exercise in that way, quite a bit that you can already do it, now try it in my way? Sounds much better then: Peter you do that wrong, you have to do it this way. Multi SkillZ is a well thought out & worked out concept about how to make children more skillful but also mentally stronger.

Manu Verheyen - Football coach, Exercise Education teacher & Multi SkillZ Coach
Academy Multisport Coaching

Warm up Arthur (8 years) for a series of lessons or camp at Multi SkillZ? Not necessary! Despite his fondness for the iPad and game console, little or nothing is needed to convince him. How is that possible?

Simple: a varied range of movements customized to Arthur's needs in a familiar (school) environment with known & as yet unknown children under the guidance of motivated and professional monitors. At the end of the day there is only one problem: that he has to go home. 😊 If possible, then there should be an hour of "Multi SkillZ" for Arthur every day after school.

As parents of Arthur we experience the Multi SkillZ offer as pleasant, practical and an enrichment to give shape to school vacations. At the same time, we are  very comfortable with the environment: Arthur is in good hands every day!

Parents Arthur Leemans
Academy Beveren

I long for Multi SkillZ every time!

Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach

The best basis for your child


Early specialization in sports, inhibits development.
We do not focus on the sport, but on your child.
Stimulate multiple talents of your child.
Personal growth & social development.


Children from 4 up to 12 years(& their parents).
Sporters & non-sporters.
Beginners & advanced.
Academies with diverse offer, something for everyone.


Via fun & energetic GROW sessions.
Teamwork, exercise & personal coaching.
Unique Multi SkillZ skill drills.
Trained Skill Coaches.


Recognized Multi SkillZ Academies.
At more than 70 locations.
Municipalities, schools, sports clubs & private providers.
Find lessons nearby via the location finder.

A skiller enjoys playing, practicing sports and practicing together


Sustainable development through weekly lessons


Multi-day camps customized to the needs of your child


Parents and children together: quality-time with your child

mind, body & heart

Skilly Scratch

Multi SkillZ grows proficient athletes. The Scratch symbolizes self-reinforcement.  

In an Academy, a skiller learns how to work for him/herself, the team and the game! This is how your child gets stronger in life: "Become the king/queen of your jungle!"