Are you looking for a place where your child...

... can feel good together with others?

Moving together respecting each other.
Learning to work together.

... can try & learn?

Trying & learning.
Facing challenges, pushing limits.

... can discover what it likes?

Make children crazy about moving.
Basic skills for each sport & specific sports skills.

Multi SkillZ GROW lessons

Multi SkillZ believes that children who skill in a versatile way, develop more of their potential for sports and life

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Targeted learning
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Customized for your child
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Safe environment
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Stimulating & motivating

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Multi SkillZ is built with the input of top experts from different sports. Several sports federations internationally rely on Multi SkillZ for the development of their young athletes: Belgian Football, Belgian Hockey, British Tennis, etc. 
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Academy Multi SkillZ United

Besides the motoric also the correct mindset is taught: positivity, perseverance and a better self-image are just a few examples. Children do not do something 'wrong' but 'different'. The right choice of words is crucial here. For example: Peter I see that you do this exercise in that way, quite a bit that you can already do it, now try it in my way? Sounds much better then: Peter you do that wrong, you have to do it this way. Multi SkillZ is a well thought out & worked out concept about how to make children more skillful but also mentally stronger.

Manu Verheyen - Football coach, Exercise Education teacher & Multi SkillZ Coach
Academy Beveren

I long for Multi SkillZ every time!

Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach
Where can my child skill-up?

Give your child the best chances with a trained Multi SkillZ Coach in a recognized Academy