What classes can my child attend?

Do not specialize unilaterally: opt for versatile development!


Offer for toddlers

  • Fundamental basis for development
  • Playful, stimulating approach

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Children from 6-8y

  • Wide base for each sport & directed to sport 
  • Enjoy moving, motivating approach

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Children 8-12y

  • Sport-oriented & -specific skills
  • Learning in a challenging way, driven approach

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Academy Multisport Coaching

Warm up Arthur (8 years) for a series of lessons or camp at Multi SkillZ? Not necessary! Despite his fondness for the iPad and game console, little or nothing is needed to convince him. How is that possible?

Simple: a varied range of movements customized to Arthur's needs in a familiar (school) environment with known & as yet unknown children under the guidance of motivated and professional monitors. At the end of the day there is only one problem: that he has to go home. 😊 If possible, then there should be an hour of "Multi SkillZ" for Arthur every day after school.

As parents of Arthur we experience the Multi SkillZ offer as pleasant, practical and an enrichment to give shape to school vacations. At the same time, we are  very comfortable with the environment: Arthur is in good hands every day!

Parents Arthur Leemans
Versatile skilling makes children fond of sports and exercise

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