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Exclusive Multi SkillZ content for Academy Coach Education

Multi SkillZ Academy coaches get access to the core of the Multi SkillZ methodology through the E-learning module.

Easier teaching. More confidence. Better coaching.

Exclusively for licensees & their coaches

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Created by skill expert Kenneth Bastiaens for Multi SkillZ Coaches

Multi SkillZ E-learning is your unique training tool that coaches you through the Multi SkillZ methodology & approach. You will learn how to put Multi SkillZ  into practice with the right focus. More insight in setting up effective & learning strategies. Discover how to use the multitude of exercises from the different platforms in a goal-oriented way.

Create together with Multi SkillZ Impact! with a versatile, sustainable psycho-motor development & innovating the sport-specific learning practice.

Why is it for you?

  • Your children become skillers through your qualitative coaching
  • You will be inspired by a method that works 
  • You'll find what you're looking for through the content structure (Methodology, Offer, Coaching, etc.)
  • You will be coached by theoretical insight and practical examples

No extra costs! This access is fully included in your Multi SkillZ license.

Are you a licensee or coach working for a licensee & have you not received an access code yet? Then send an e-mail to info@multiskillz.com 

Multi SkillZ E-learning is available for licensees & their Academy coaches