Multi SkillZ® grows proficient 360° sporters with skills for life

via grow-sessions full of interaction, exercise & personal coaching

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Multi SkillZ
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Multi SkillZ activates your child's potential

Grow into sports. Well-being as a starting point. Playing together, learning and pushing limits: skills for sports & life!

Several sports federations use Multi SkillZ for the development of their young athletes: Belgian Football, British  Tennis, Belgian Hockey, Flemish Basketball, etc.

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Tennis parent (United Kingdom)

Multi SkillZ for me as a parent is the best thing that has happened for my kids progression into sport. Not only are all the exercises incredibly enjoyable for my 8 and 6 year old, but their skill level has increased so much since starting Multi SkillZ that they are becoming skilled athletes with an awareness of how to adapt to any given situation. Both myself (sport mad Dad) and their tennis coach (Emma) have loved using the exercises and seeing their rapid development! My 8 year old is already hitting passing shots that make me stretch, which is unbelievable considering the stage she was at with her tennis just 18 months ago.

I cannot recommend Multi SkillZ enough as both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and ability that our kids have shown since starting Multi SkillZ. We owe a huge thank you to the team and please do keep up the good work. It is a game changer in the sporting ability and personality of these little youngsters.

Ral Gilmour - Dad of Jack & Ava
Sport service Diksmuide

As an urban sports service you want to get as many children as possible to exercise and get them interested in sports. The offer should first of all supplement the sports club offer and especially focus on general movement skills. For the toddler age we already worked with Multimove. When Multi SkillZ came up, we also had an appropriate concept to offer to the elementary school age.

Our sports coaches who give Multi SkillZ find the creativity and the extensive database of exercise material  a great added value. The exercise material generates a lot of enthusiasm within the sports group. The creativity of the sports instructor is also stimulated when watching the many videos. You can endlessly differentiate and vary.

Multi SkillZ is a recommendation for other sports services! The database with exercise material is a great added value for the own sports coaches. It offers a nice addition and sequel to Multimove and positions you in relation to sports clubs. You can also roll out this concept at the sports clubs via the Multi SkillZ Trainings. They too will see the added value of it!

Sven Casteleyn - Sports officer
Sport Service City of Ghent

We find the offer especially valuable as we offer Multimove to children aged 3-5 years. The Multi SkillZ offer provides a nice follow-up. From the age of 6, many children join a sports club and choose a specific sport, but a wide range of sports where mainly movement skills are discussed did not yet exist. Our Multi SkillZ camps are always fully booked. Furthermore, we are very much fans of the Family Academy, where child and parent come together to play sports and start thinking together about solutions while exercising


We recommend other sports services to organize Multi SkillZ because it offers a wide & variety of sports for children, without having to specifically choose a sport. Family is a unique offer, with us also accessible to g-sporters.

Maaike Garré - Consultant Activities
Football club KFC Nijlen

After 15 years of experience as a trainer and gym teacher I am always open to new ideas. When I attended my first training, I was immediately sold. Multi SkillZ offers fun and varied exercises and exercise material so you can develop your players in a more complete way. They are not just loose ideas so you can develop some more 'skills'. It's a well thought out & developed concept how to make footballers not only more skilled but also mentally stronger.

Manu Verheyen - Football coach, Exercise Education teacher & Multi SkillZ Coach
Basketball club Amon Youth Gentson

Multi SkillZ has had a great influence on my further development as an experienced youth trainer with -12-year-olds. After obtaining all possible trainer diplomas in Flanders, I was a bit hungry to further develop myself as a youth trainer (mostly -12-year-olds). Multi SkillZ for Basket gives me a lot of inspiration with every training to make players/players fitter, more skillful, more agile, faster and smarter in a pleasant way. I integrate the approach and exercise material in every training, my training preparations are done with the app as standard. The warm-ups became skilling-ups and the standard basketball drills were placed in a more dynamic context, also in my instructions and feedback I'm going to emphasize external focus.

I noticed in each team in the short term a positive evolution and progression in the players and more fun with training. I am very satisfied and also notice high enthusiasm among players. Playful, challenging, a lot of interaction and variation in each exercise and game form. There was a very motivated player in quarantine for 2 weeks and during his first training afterwards, he said to me "wow the others have improved a lot, I'm going to have to do my best" 😄

Lisa Van Ranst - Coach Amon Youth Gentson U12A
School GO Icarus Kessenich

Multi SkillZ has made my lessons much more creative, exciting, better and above all more complete! Because the students are stimulated at multiple levels, it makes their movements better, faster, smoother and they really like it.

Multi SkillZ is definitely recommended because it gives you a lot of useful exercise material and also a lot of ideas to customize your lessons and make them more fun. Teaching becomes even more fun, the students really like it and I really believe in its added value. The results are already very good!

Lies Dirkx - Exercise Education teacher
Academy Klein-Brabant

I didn't have long to doubt the choice for a license at Multi SkillZ. I could immediately estimate that Multi SkillZ, which was the 'missing link' in children's sports education, was something that would appeal to many children and would benefit them for the rest of their lives. Not only on a sports and social level, but also in the whole development of their personality.  You make children stand strong in their shoes and in life. What better gift can you give a child?
A dream for a coach who wants to make a difference.

The whole approach is very unique, the quality is undeniable and the support is unseen. Kenneth and Line and other Multi SkillZ coaches are always ready to help you with tips, to get in touch with people, etc.... It has made me grow a lot as a person and coach. One of the best decisions in my life.


Ilse De Vlieger - Multi SkillZ Coach

How can Multi SkillZ help your coaching?

Sports coach & teacher

Multi SkillZ Membership: innovate your training practice

Access to new exercise material & source of inspiration through Skills & Games Programs.

Sports organisation

Multi SkillZ Academy: total-support for your program

Become a recognized provider with license & get everything you need to get started on your own.

Sports federation

Multi SkillZ Impact: training & support for coaches

More quality in practice, unique support & training tools for all coaches. More impact. Always & everywhere.


How does Multi SkillZ help my child?

Through versatile development, we activate your child's potential. Not the sport, but your child is at the center! 

Multi SkillZ is the all-in-one method for youth development

More sustainable learning: new science in sports training

Science proves: early specialization increases risk of injury & drop-out at a young age.

Select a versatile development!

Innovation: expertise from different sports

Knowledge from different sports brought together. Input of experts for the best results.

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Life skills: armed with the Multi SkillZ Spirit

Much more than just sport: social interaction, autonomy, problem-solving & resilience.

Skilled for life with life skills

Where can my child skill-up?

Give your child the best opportunities with a trained Multi SkillZ Coach in a recognized Academy.