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KIDS (4-8 yr) Blue & Red

Grow tennis-oriented psycho-motor skills for 4-8 years old:
Blue & Red

YOUTH (8-12+ yr) Orange, Green & Yellow

Grow tennis-oriented psycho-motor skills for 8-14 year olds:
Orange, Green & Yellow

Tennis parent (United Kingdom)

Multi SkillZ for me as a parent is the best thing that has happened for my kids progression into sport. Not only are all the exercises incredibly enjoyable for my 8 and 6 year old, but their skill level has increased so much since starting Multi SkillZ that they are becoming skilled athletes with an awareness of how to adapt to any given situation. Both myself (sport mad Dad) and their tennis coach (Emma) have loved using the exercises and seeing their rapid development! My 8 year old is already hitting passing shots that make me stretch, which is unbelievable considering the stage she was at with her tennis just 18 months ago.

I cannot recommend Multi SkillZ enough as both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and ability that our kids have shown since starting Multi SkillZ. We owe a huge thank you to the team and please do keep up the good work. It is a game changer in the sporting ability and personality of these little youngsters.

Ral Gilmour - Dad of Jack & Ava

C2C TENNIS webinar available

Are you a member of the tennis program? This C2C TENNIS webinar offers great added value in applying the tennis skill drills.