About us

Our mission

Multi SkillZ®, a method & concept of Coach2Competence, which is in the sports and exercise sector:

  • Makes children and adults crazy about exercising by organizing unique sports sessions
  • Trains coaches and operators and offers professional opportunities in this sector

We want more professionalism, entrepreneurship and well-being in sports and exercise so that everyone, from young to old, from child to coach, regardless of skills and talent, can discover and activate their potential.

Our values  

  • Passion for sports and exercise
  • Quality and reliability
  • Cooperation and respect
  • Positivism and drive
  • Innovation and creativity

Our added values

Multi SkillZ wants with an open mindset

- to strengthen sports and exercise sector by:

  • binding and supporting sports beyond boundaries
  • enter into partnerships with partners (coaches, associations, schools, cities, sports federations, sports organizations, ...)
  • .
  • facilitate professionalism and entrepreneurship

- for everyone personal growth, social development and a healthy, active lifestyle through:

  • sustainable and interactive learning
  • creating a challenging learning environment
  • stimulating of action as a source for progress

- sports entrepreneurship by:

  • daring to generate resources to create value
  • systematic responsible guidance
  • permanently putting our values into practice

Multi SkillZ is powered by Coach2Competence

Kenneth Bastiaens

Founder & Co-owner of Coach2Competence

Director Multi SkillZ & international sport skills-expert

Line Declercq

Founder & Co-owner of Coach2Competence

Operations Manager Multi SkillZ & international youth program expert

Multi SkillZ Experts team

Nick Maes

Multi SkillZ Coach & Teacher
Academy Operator
Expertise: functional- & fitness training


Céline FromholZ

Multi SkillZ Coach & Teacher
Academy Operator
Expertise: toddlers, youth training, basketball

Ilse De Vlieger

Multi SkillZ Coach
Academy Operator
Expertise: municipal operation, camps

Dieter Dellaert

Multi SkillZ Coach & Teacher
Academy Operator
Expertise: G-sport, club operation, Family