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School Andromeda Deurne

I recommend a membership to every sports instructor. You get a lot of practice material and video material as support. This exercise material is so broad and well-founded that I would recommend it to any teacher. I took all my LO-colleagues of Deurne to a refresher course and they were also full of praise. One colleague even said: They should offer Multi SkillZ in all elementary school all over Belgium!

Manu Verheyen - Exercise Education teacher, football coach KFC Nijlen & Multi SkillZ Coach
School GO Icarus Kessenich

Multi SkillZ has made my lessons much more creative, exciting, better and above all more complete! Because the students are stimulated at multiple levels, it makes their movements better, faster, smoother and they really like it.

Multi SkillZ is definitely recommended because it gives you a lot of useful exercise material and also a lot of ideas to customize your lessons and make them more fun. Teaching becomes even more fun, the students really like it and I really believe in its added value. The results are already very good!

Lies Dirkx - Exercise Education teacher
Urban Education Vilvoorde

The slogan of our school is: 'The healthy and caring school for your child'. Where we look at health in the broadest sense. Multi SkillZ is a playful scientific way to improve your motor skills in a fun way. This fits in perfectly with our vision and we notice that our students enjoy it to the fullest.

The teachers see that it is good, even the less sporty students come here to an appropriate challenge. The challenge is customized to the needs of the students, which our teachers can only appreciate. We definitely recommend a membership for other schools. Multi SkillZ brings motor skills in fun games, alone or in a group.

Marc Verpuylt - Director SBS Kinderkoppen

Form resilient skillers at school

Multi SkillZ at your school: democratic prices for quality in education

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Skills & Games for sports & life skills: strong psychomotor training with attention to cognitive & social-emotional skills.  

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Multi SkillZ for your school group

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Versatile support for Exercise Education teachers

Individual teachers, schools and school groups are members of Multi SkillZ: memberships to video platforms with exercise material customized for students. For school groups or several teachers per school, we offer an extra advantageous group purchase for education.

The most popular programs in education are:

  • Multi SkillZ DrillZ
  • Multi SkillZ TotZ
  • Multi SkillZ Gym

Teachers get access codes to Skills & Games of choice. 
Very little administration (1 invoice on an annual basis).

Result? Immediate upgrading of lessons: teaching becomes more fun, students are given a customized challenge & enjoy a sustainable, versatile development.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will give you an offer!

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