Movement camps in the Multi SkillZ Spirit


Moving is winning!

Skill more in a day than in an hour.
Unique multi-day skill-camps grow your child:

  • Interactive & social movement
  • Skills for more than one sport
  • Grow in the Multi SkillZ Spirit with your coach
Skills for Life

Skiller behavior is winner behavior!

Your child develops with personal coaching the Multi SkillZ Spirit:

  • Self-confidence
  • Mental agility
  • Fair play & respect
  • Drive
  • Resilience

Skilly helps your child on the right track: stimulate, motivate & shape!

Skills for Sports

360° skiller in sports

Every skill you acquire increases your chances of success!

Your child arms himself for sports:

  • Fitter & faster
  • More skillful & more agile
  • Play smarter
  • Sport-specific development

Do you want your child to become a skiller?

Sport Service City of Ghent

We find the offer especially valuable as we offer Multimove to children aged 3-5 years. The Multi SkillZ offer provides a nice follow-up. From the age of 6, many children join a sports club and choose a specific sport, but a wide range of sports where mainly movement skills are discussed did not yet exist. Our Multi SkillZ camps are always fully booked. Furthermore, we are very much fans of the Family Academy, where child and parent come together to play sports and start thinking together about solutions while exercising


We recommend other sports services to organize Multi SkillZ because it offers a wide & variety of sports for children, without having to specifically choose a sport. Family is a unique offer, with us also accessible to g-sporters.

Maaike Garré - Consultant Activities
Academy Multisport Coaching

Warm up Arthur (8 years) for a series of lessons or camp at Multi SkillZ? Not necessary! Despite his fondness for the iPad and game console, little or nothing is needed to convince him. How is that possible?

Simple: a varied range of movements customized to Arthur's needs in a familiar (school) environment with known & as yet unknown children under the guidance of motivated and professional monitors. At the end of the day there is only one problem: that he has to go home. 😊 If possible, then there should be an hour of "Multi SkillZ" for Arthur every day after school.

As parents of Arthur we experience the Multi SkillZ offer as pleasant, practical and an enrichment to give shape to school vacations. At the same time, we are  very comfortable with the environment: Arthur is in good hands every day!

Parents Arthur Leemans
Practical information

Find out more about a camp in your area through the local Academy website: day program, pre- & camp hours, after-care, lunch, etc.