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3 big pitfalls with drills found on the web

Go for sustainable quality improvement

Nowadays there is a lot of exercise material for sports training on the internet. Support for youth training is certainly to be welcomed, but it is important that this is done in a well-considered manner. Child development is too important not to adopt a sustainable approach. Internet practice material is used all the time in youth training. But are you aware of the pitfalls?

Pitfall 1: Not suitable for development

What do you develop at what time? Is the practice material suitable for the development of your players at that moment? Not every exercise can be used just like that. A child of a certain age may not be ready to learn a particular skill or technique. For each skill there are training-sensitive ages but also underlying skills that must be present. A lot of time and learning is lost with the use of exercise material at the wrong ages or insufficient skill level. The Multi SkillZ programs work progressively and take into account the development of a child in combination with the learning pathway in sports, in this way a child not only learns faster, it gets every chance to develop well. The exercise material and methodology are set up in such a way that you can always make it more challenging or easier, tailored to the child and framed within the developmental learning line.

Pitfall 2: More of the same!

A major pitfall for sports training is the one-sided development of children. The focus is on the sport and the specific skills needed to master the sport. Unfortunately, the starting point is often the sport and not the child. A child can develop better when it develops versatile. Versatile development also reduces the risk of injury and dropout. Do you address the various development domains sufficiently? Or, consciously or unconsciously, are certain important skills insufficiently addressed in a systematic way? Multi SkillZ forms 360° skillers that grow resilient and versatile in sports.  

Pitfall 3: Coach guidance is missing

What guidance is needed to put the exercise material into practice correctly? Is coaching provided to focus on the right things? Is there a development framework with objectives to use the exercises in a targeted manner or are they rather separate drills within a certain theme? The coach has a crucial role, guidance is therefore a must, especially for less experienced or young coaches. Practice material combined with training and expert coaching, therefore, not only improves the players, but is permanent training for the coaches. This creates a sustainable impact, not a one-off shot. In addition, a coach learns at his or her own pace via the Multi SkillZ E-learning, where and when it suits him or her. 

Do not just use practice material, opt for well-considered quality injection  of your youth program!

We are happy to help you, discover everything about the Multi SkillZ Academy license for a sustainable improvement of your youth training. A user-friendly, practical support that immediately makes a difference for your organisation, your coaches and your youth players.