Multi SkillZ ToolZ


Multi SkillZ package for 12 skillers

  • 4 ladders
  • 12 Multi SkillZ omnisport balls
  • 12 sticks
  • 12 hoops
  • 12 small cones - 12 large cones
  • 20 strips
  • 20 marking discs - 20 marking pots
  • 24 stage 2 (orange) tennis balls
  • balloons

Pimp your Multi SkillZ Academy with available branding


T-shirts & Hoodies

Lion suit Skilly

Roll-up banners & beach flags

Balloons & omniballs


Multi SkillZ brand & method reserved for licensees only

Icon list
Right of use
brand Multi SKillZ
Icon list
branding ToolZ
Icon list
on LicenZ platform
Icon list
Multi SkillZ Academy

Free lending service Sporta

For Multi SkillZ Academies in Flanders:

  • Lion suit Skilly
  • Multi SkillZ Beach flags

Due to the corona circumstances it is currently not possible to order ToolZ packages. Do you have questions about the material?