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As a licensee, the E-learning module is included for your Academy Coaches!
Fast, efficient quality support.
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Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere!

Teaching made easier. More trust. Better coaching.

  • +20h of e-learning videos exclusively for licensees
  • Multi SkillZ Academy Coaches immediately take a strong start
  • Training with many practical tips in various domains
  • Experience and knowledge from different sports
  • Unique insights into the innovative Multi SkillZ approach

Created by skill expert Kenneth Bastiaens for Multi SkillZ Coaches

Program: Multi SkillZ E-learning
Developer: Coach2Competence
Support for: Multi SkillZ Academy coaches and anyone who believes in sports skills
Language: English
Membership: Access during active license with personal access = 1 membership per person

What is it?

Multi SkillZ E-learning: activate your coaching potential! 

Multi SkillZ E-learning is your unique training tool that coaches you through the Multi SkillZ methodology and approach. You will learn how to put Multi SkillZ into practice with the right focus. More insights into setting up effective learning situations and learning strategies. This platform helps you to complete Multi SkillZ practical sessions according to the right principles and to use the exercise material from the different exercise platforms with focus. This creates a high-quality program with an eye for sustainable and versatile motor development.

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Why is it for you?

  • Your children receive a sustainable, versatile development through your quality coaching
  • You will be inspired by more than + 20 hours of training videos
  • Your database is divided into different categories (Methodology, Program, Coaching, etc.)
  • You will be coached by the different insights and guidance in the videos
  • You have access to unique and exclusive practice support from Multi SkillZ Experts

Yes, I want it! What should I do?

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Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere!

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