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Multi SkillZ for Gym

What is it?

Multi SkillZ for Gym is an online video-database of exercices and games which allows children to learn and discover together in a playful environment. A user-friendly web platform for each trainer who strives for quality!

Multi SkillZ for Gym develops motor skills and all basic skills for gymnastics in a fun and effective way.

Do you want to encourage creativity in your lessons? Do you want new ideas to help kids learn and have a good time while doing it? Multi SkillZ for Gym offers you and your pupils great value!
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Why is it for you?

  • You watch videos with more than 200 creative drills and games, structured in movement themes
  • You find in each video four variations of a single exercise or game
  • You can easily switch between the different variations through tags
  • You can filter by content, equipment, organization and level
  • You get inspired!

Yes, I want it! What should I do?

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  5. Access Multi SkillZ for Gym: All videos are easily accessable on your computer or smartphone through internet.

Your investment
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Optional: Any following year only € 4.99 / month or € 59.99 / year

Go to for all information about Multi SkillZ.

Questions? Feel free to Contact C2C at any time.

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Multi SkillZ for Gym
Multi SkillZ
Online support program database:
  • More than 200 creative drills and games, structured in movement themes
  • Ethical and practical teaching tips
  • Different variations
  • Easy to implement

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