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Multi SkillZ DrillZ – Would you like to access the exercise database?

What is it?

As more and more children turn to sport at a very young age and sport-specific programs are inadequate to ensure a well-rounded development there is a need for a high quality motor skills program for children ages 5 to 12 years. The problem is that most of the information available to teachers and coaches focuses on models for sport-specific development.

Multi SkillZ DrillZ is the online support system that makes it easy for you to build and grow your motor skills program by offering you a video database with a great variety of progressive exercises, educational tutorials and practical tips & tools.

Why is it for you?

  • You watch countless videos with +350 unique and creative games and drills.
  • You see progressive exercise variations in the stages red, orange & green.
  • You receive practical tips that help you to deliver attractive lessons easily.
  • You get support in building a successful program via practical tutorials and templates.
  • You learn to create an invaluable add-in to your program in an easy way.

Yes, I want it! What should I do?

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  5. Access Multi SkillZ DrillZ: All videos are easily accessable on your computer or smartphone through internet.
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Multi SkillZ DrillZ
Multi SkillZ
Online support program database:
  • Numerous videos with unique and creative drills
  • Practical tips and training videos
  • Progressive stages: red-orange-green
  • Year plan
  • Easy to implement

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